Romantic Idea

It may seem like a romantic idea to get involved with a loud outgoing man when you see yourself as a quieter more introverted woman, but the evidence suggests you won’t actually be that attracted to him. If you do end up together, there would be frictions in the relationship because the very different levels of mood, extroversion, and conscientiousness will cause a lot of conflicts as you continue to live together.


He might thrive in large groups of friends and during frequent socializing, whereas you will find that exhausting and wish for more alone time or time with a few friends. Many men and women make checklists in their minds of what they are looking for in a life partner, though it is usually a list of attitudes rather than personality traits. For example, where you’d like to live, how many children you want, how important money is to you both, and how you like to handle finances. While it’s helpful for your chemistry to share these opinions, it’s even more important to share some personality traits. πŸ˜πŸ’”πŸ˜­



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