About Us

It all starts with a Meeting!

For an eligible Igbo man, finding single Igbo women shouldn’t be hard. With your family recommendations of a friend of a friend’s daughter, your social circle, and hobbies — surely it should be easy to find a girl to marry, right? Unfortunately, the chances of someone who shares your interests being single, Igbo, introduced to you out of the blue, and compatible is slim. Igboville Meetings & Events is here to create that environment.

As Igbo, you never know where you’ll meet your perfect one. At work, in the church, at a family event, or even on a social network site. No one can tell. Just be sure you don’t miss your chance when it comes.

Our Mission

We are here to host meeting and events where you will meet eligible, single Igbo women with the goal of finding long-lasting happiness. We are here to strengthen the Igbo community and ensure Igbo traditions are sustained for generations to come. We’ve built our community around these principles and believe pairing Igbo singles with quality men and women who share their faith and values is the best way to ensure Igbo continuity. 

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

Set up your profile, choose your filters, attend our online and offline meetings and event. Sit back, and let the system work for you. What you get are high quality matches based on your criteria. Remember you are here because you want to get married! You deserve to find someone that can keep up with you so you can enjoy your favorite activities together!